10 Funny Reasons Why I Couldn’t Do My Homework

Are you short of excuses why you haven’t done your homework this time? I was that kind of a student too and I do remember a period in my life when I was more creative with my refined lies than written essays. If you’ve ever tried “Not My Fault” approach to get more time for passing another paper, then you know it’s not that easy to craft a perfect excuse and make a teacher believe in it. I had months of practice in front of a mirror and my doubtful teachers’ faces. Consider these tips not to get caught:

  • Don’t say your relative has died. Most likely, your sympathetic teacher will call your parents with condolences.
  • Be serious and believe in your own excuse as if it has actually happened.
  • Don’t overuse excuses because teachers possess inborn detecting ability which discerns the slightest hue of your fraudulent intents.
  • If you choose to lie (though I do not recommend to do it unless you want to make everyone laugh), make your classmates also believe you, because they can unmask you with their smirks and loud comments.
  • Be careful with your facial expressions and gestures. Your body language is a key to your true emotions.


I’ve said I do not recommend to lie and seriously mean it. You should know the universal truth about lies. Soon they become a huge growing quarry that requires more and more fresh lies. Besides, you will have to remember all of them and conjugate each new one with already created. And fear… you’ll face the fear of being exposed. And eventually, your deception will be uncovered with the most usual situation. It’s just that you can’t control your luck and one day it might turn its back on you.

However, today I gathered those funny excuses that won’t hurt your grades, reputation or conscience. Here are 10 sweet reasons of 10 different students who couldn’t do their homework because they simply didn’t want it.

  1. “My gran bought me a beagle puppy and he’s a total monster in chewing shoes and anything paperlike. Somehow it found my written essay on the floor which fell off the table when a window got thrust open and that’s how a beagle ruined 2 days of my work.”
  2. “My 5-year-old sis took my essay and used it for her squiggles. Then my mom saw it and tried to take it from her with a glass of juice in her other hand. But she slipped on the floor which was wet because my dad had spilled his morning coffee when he was putting on a jacket and talking on his phone. So, mom slipped and turned over the whole glass of juice on my poor essay…”
  3. “I got up too early today to get to 07:00 a.m. swimming class and I put that homework into a file case not to crumple it. I didn’t notice how this file got into my towel and when I took it near the pool, the file just dropped into the water.”
  4. “I made this presentation on my dad’s laptop in advance and when I copied it to my Drive, I didn’t open it. Last evening I saw that I switched presentations with my dad and now he is in Seattle at the conference and I can’t get in touch with him right now because he has muted his phone.”
  5. “My granddad is rich but he has the worst memory in the world, so he was late with his birthday present for 5 months! But it was an awesome present. I got $500 Michael Kors bag from an exclusive collection. And as it turned out the street robbers can notice an original bag too. It’s just my luck that I put a Biology lab into that bag! And for you to know I miss both things equally.”
  6. “My grandparents are getting a divorce and I took my written research paper to them for weekends. I wanted to prepare my defense there. So, I got up on Sunday and saw how my grandparents were whispering something to each other. And when they saw me, my grandpa began excusing grandma and said it was all his fault. But grandma confessed in tears that after she saw some papers in my grandpa’s hands, she got so furious that she snapped papers and tore them to small pieces. I didn’t have enough time to write another research paper but I’m happy it helped my grandparents reconcile.”
  7. “My bro is 7 and he’s got a nasty habit to make little ships of all papers and put them in water in our bathroom. That’s how my solved Math assignment sunk after a harsh battle with a duck toy.”
  8. “I forgot my completed assignment under the pillow where I left it for the night to remember an explanation by heart. But when I went from a shower, my mom has already put all my bed linen with my paper into a washing machine. She is so sorry for that.”
  9. “I simply forgot about this homework because I am too busy with my out-of-class activities. And when I remembered, it was already 22:45 p.m. I thought it’s useless to begin doing it so late.”
  10. “The truth is I couldn’t do my homework because I went to a date and my mind was busy with my new boyfriend.”

Of course, two last excuses might seem not too funny for your teacher however, I think being truthful can always help you get another try. Or you can always hash it out using okessay.co.uk custom writing service and meet your homework deadline successfully.


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