Why Are Essays So Hard?

Often, students come to our service and say, “I cannot understand why is it so hard for me to write an essay… Sometimes it is just impossible!” Many students wait until the last minute to start writing, and this makes their tasks even more difficult to complete.

There is even a bigger problem. College papers require students to be amazing and unique. We know that scholarly essays and cover letters ask students to stand out from the crowd and show how remarkable and great they are. Thus, in our culture, most children have been taught, “Don’t boast about yourself.”

Also, when children write papers for adults, they want to use the adult words and expressions. Writing a homework paper or a cover letter is an important thing. Students try to use an interesting writing style. However, as a result, they produce something in a quirky style that just doesn’t fit the context. Developing a fresh and really strong style that sounds like an individual voice is a hard and time-consuming process. Even professional writers can fail to do it.

Next, a college essay is a monologue. You have no contact with a person reading your work, no understanding of how they perceive your writing, and you get no clue what are the elements they are interested in. This is a reason why so many college essays sound so artificially.

We also meet a huge problem in the classroom. Most teachers don’t teach students how to write essays. Maybe, they just don’t know how. As a rule, teachers explain grammar rules and correct spelling, but they never stop on the art of writing itself. Students have no idea how to reach writing fluency and express their thoughts in an accurate, clear, and logical manner.

The truth is that most teachers and professors don’t write for publication. Well, most of them stop their writing activity after graduation. Therefore, they have a little understanding of the writing process and your potential problems as a writer. In addition, they use writing assignments as a form of punishment rather than a chance for students to practice and explore interesting topics. It’s a pity that teachers never write essays they assign, especially when they assign some type of paper for the first time. Trying to compose papers themselves, teachers can learn about the challenges students face every day.

As any skill, writing requires practice. You need to write every single day to develop your skills and writing fluency. Habit for writing is a good thing, but if you are tired of thousands of boring tasks assigned to your every week, it is hard to focus on making your skills better. You would rather focus on writing faster. If you don’t have inspiration and free time to practice and want to make your writing easier and more enjoyable – make sure to visit OkeyEssay.co.uk and ask us for assistance. Cooperate with the best academic writers in the industry, get advice, receive personal consultation, and your skills will grow. Just as your academic results.


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