Using Emoticons in College Essays. Appropriate or not?

When it comes to Internet culture heritage and their integration into the educational process, we can mention just a few that would be appropriate to apply in educational practice. And this little article we will focus on the usage of emoticons. In general, they were created in order to facilitate a written communication process.

This brand-new feature in the form of graphic signs is critical in written communication. It makes it less ambiguous, simplifies and accelerates it, allowing to shift the part of load factor from the grammatical form to a separate semantic unit. For example, when writing to someone an unpleasant message, it is much easier to soften the tense by putting a smiley face at the end.

Fortunately, for education and unfortunately for Internet enthusiasts, these means of communication will probably never become obligatory for formal introductory article or essay. It is absolutely inappropriate in the case of the college essay, but it can be only implemented in the context of creative writing, where you need to touch this little aspect of expressing your feelings with additional punctuation marks.

Emoticons in College Essays

If you're trying to stand out on your initiative, demonstrate this via extracurricular activities, show your specific practicing skills, not your experience in social networks. It is totally not relevant because emoticons usage shows an inability to express your thoughts with the help of words and your laziness and ignorance of spelling standards.

It is widespread fact that emoticons have invaded our lives in a natural way, so it allows us to perceive them as its own language. Of course, it's a metaphor. It is clear that emoticons - is a support system of an ordinary language, which cannot exist apart from it. On the other hand, the language of emoticons does not exist within the same language, it, like gestures with intonations, is International and is used around the globe.

By themselves, emoticons, without words, cannot convey any meaning, except for emotional. But they help better and accurately to decode the value of the verbal code. The "language" of emoticons have a large set of lexical units, which, among other things, is constantly expanding. He has a kind of alphabet - a set of components, which encode different combinations of different meanings. Emoticons absorbed naturally in the process of written communication. So, what will happen in the next decade, no one is informed… But what we know exactly, that it must be an educational revolution that would make "emoticons" appropriate in educational processes.


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