These Are Apps and Essay Services to Supercharge Your Academic Career

At high school and college things always comes down to who has more time to deal with the ongoing workload. Solid time-management skills let you do more assignments faster, have enough time on proofreading and resting, taking care of personal life on the campus and even looking in the direction of a part-time job.

However, free time is a rare resource. There’re plenty of distractions and time wasting facilities revolving around every essay writer and preventing him from performing up to par inside and outside the classroom. Still, the Internet offers a remarkable number of apps and services to assist you with studies. Mainly, with managing time in a more consistent fashion than it’s now.

Essay Writing Services And Apps To Boost Productivity

Learn to blow the cobwebs away

When sitting down to tasks at hand, chances are high your mind is too anxious and agitated to perform some excellent paper writing or textbook material learning. To help you focus and relax, Headspace app will offer various quick 10-minute meditation practices to sharpen your intellectual abilities and clear off everything bothering your mind.

App also lets you communicate with friends sharing results and best practices. As a rule, there are different areas where your cognitive powers have to be improved, whereas Headspace keeps track of your progress and suggests various exercises to improve different brain areas. Available on iOS and Android.

Improve your IQ

Although your brain isn’t a muscle, it’s an organ which requires frequent training. Challenging your brain with different exercises, quizzes and games help boost reasoning, logical thinking and focusing abilities.

Which app improves IQ through captivating daily mind challenges? Luminosity is both iOS and Android running app including 25+ types of brain training activities, each featuring various difficulty levels. These ‘brain workout’ activities focus on such areas as better memorizing, fast decision making, logics, and attention span.

Speaking about assignment help with practical exercises such as essays and compositions, the app proves worthy to keep you focused longer and getting tired slower. Tracking your scores and sharing results with friends is also available from the package.

Enhance paper writing awareness

Today many students get assistance with writing assignments online. Original writing, proofreading, reference samples, consultancy – all these services are usually provided online in a confidential and private key.

Since not all are born with writing prowess of Hemingway or Tolstoy, you’ll require professional online essay help from time to time to season the workload press and break from everyday college routine. Seeking for a reliable ghostwriting agency, will serve a smart alternative to expensive US analogues. A local UK based company assigns relevant experts to deal with your current study difficulties, be it editing a manuscript or looking for a source of inspiration.

List of extra apps you might want to use

  • Microsoft Office Lens to work with images, PDF, PowerPoint and .doc files on your smartphone or tablet
  • CamScanner, in case you don’t want to use any Microsoft software but still need a reliable and potent OCR
  • Genius Scan, which is a swift PDF converter with does the job quickly and efficiently
  • do to create to-do lists and keep track of your daily schedule and activities to be done today or any other day
  • Scribd is essential when you want to find various academic documents and textbooks in free access
  • EasyBib helps manage your APA and MLA referencing troubles
  • RealCalc stands a profound scientific calculator with features you never even thought might be needed
  • com aids you to keep an eye on daily/weekly/monthly budget, see where the money goes and eventually make amendments to spending less

There’re plenty of other apps, services, and their variations from different providers to look into, test and use. If you’ve already tried any classy apps and want to share meat-and-potatoes information with the community, speak up your mind in the comments.


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