Taking Notes: How to Write Effectively

What is the main purpose of taking notes? Right, it’s about memorizing the most important information. As far as too many approaches to taking notes exist, it can be difficult to pick the best one.

This process is especially crucial for potential PhDs. A dissertation should reflect one's thinking, not a patchwork of stolen ideas. Therefore, note cards will contribute to developing an understanding of your sources and matching them with your personal ideas. Have a look at the advice below to avoid writing too much and prepare right notes.

  • Copy out exact words or full phrases that contain unique information or some credible statistics.
  • Don’t rewrite word-by-word: choose only the best and most memorable sentences. Cut down long or confusing sentences.
  • Highlighting is the waste of time. At least, develop your own
  • Chances are you’ll need only a part of the notes you take down during the lecture or meeting. So make the short abstract for each subtopic.
  • Try to write minimum 2-3 sentences for every subject as far as you never know what exactly you’ll need for your exam.
  • Don’t be descriptive. Avoid details because they are only useful for the essays that will be graded.
  • Skip unnecessary words (usually, adjectives and adverbs).
  • Use this golden rule - think more, and write less.
  • Leave the most complicated part of your research paper, essay, or dissertation to the experts in case you want to master the art of academic writing. Essay writers UK are there to assist you.
  • Put your writing on separate cards or sheets if you prefer hand-writing.
  • Don’t forget to leave some space in for further comments, questions, valuable feedback, and more.

How to Write Effectively

Stick to Simple and Clear Expressions

Organization is the key to success. Making all your sentences short and clear at the same time is all about being organized. To do so, try to:

  • Come up with the list of keywords.
  • Follow the main point so that each paragraph refers to the subject.
  • Use only your words when taking notes – apply citations later in your essays or research papers.
  • Ensure that the chosen note-taking style meets your needs.

Include only what matters with the simplest interpretation. You’ll look for more complicated terms later (if required). If you experience difficulties with completing your homework assignment based on your class notes, you can get quality custom essay papers online.

Using a system of symbols is the way to create notes as well. For instance, you can include an asterisk to highlight a major assignment or a question mark to specify what should be observed deeper. No need for unnecessary words when taking notes.

The indexing system is another helpful approach. The indexes will assist in getting to the particular part faster. Technologies allow avoiding handwriting due to the existence of such online tools like Evernote or Simplenote.

Select a Proper Individual Note Taking System

It all depends on the subject, circumstance, and the type of individual. AC Journal calls structuring notes in a hierarchy the most efficient method. Basically, it’s about typing an outline and following it.

Also, pay attention to other techniques like mind-mapping (useful for meetings), the Cornell System (imposes a grid), or Smart Wisdom. Nonlinear notes only seem confusing. However, they are perfect for brainstorming. Mind-mapping is also the most suitable for digital notes.

Ignore Outdated Techniques

Underlining particular sentences and rereading your notes several times make no sense. It works well only for the finished essays or research papers. Better methods are taking breaks and taking practice tests. In case you are already a graduate, you surely need to ensure that your notes are organized in the way you understand them. If your writing skills leave a lot to be desired, professional writers can prepare or check homework for you.


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