Is missing lectures influent badly to your studies?

James had his goal all set before he entered his school year No matter what he is going to attend all the lectures. Actually, he did pretty well for the first few months.

But then the inevitable happened.

While someday it came in the form of a surprise cold, the other days it was an emergency situation at home. Even better, his subject teacher was not just good enough.

And the result? He skipped a class, or a two.

“I think this just happens to everyone. It’s impossible to attend all the classes. Sometimes the teacher disappoints us with boring power point presentations, completely different from what we may have expected.” Says James a student from Ohio.

But what happens when you skip lectures altogether?

Missing a couple of classes is okay. But bunking classes unnecessarily is a bad idea and can put you at risk. Yes. It is your choice to skip a class or two, but always make sure to weigh the consequences. As the number of classes increases, it will harm your studies.

So what can you do to save yourselves from the harm of missing lectures and the eventual flunking?

Be sure to give your professor a heads- up

“Larger the number of students in class, higher the chance of your professor ignoring your absence”

Either wise, you must intimate your professor about your missed class and the exact reason through email or over a call. This not only creates an impression on you, it also as a student would help you to be more confident to clear your doubts with the professor later.

Moreover, this is mandatory for classes where attendance is a critical criterion for scoring better grades.

All you need is one good friend

“It’s necessary to fill in gaps. Enquire what all topics were covered in your absence”

You know your fellow peers. Talk. Ask them to share notes, if they are willing to help.

Form a study group if possible. This would be of added advantage as they will keep you updated about what you missed and how you can cover them up by the next class.

Hire a Private Online Tutor

“There are various expert online tutors available when you need any help”

This is one of the best ways to stay updated in class.

If you have gone through your syllabus, you will have an idea of what chapter you are going to miss when you take leave. Ask your tutor to assist ahead of your teacher, that way you can surprise both your fellow peers and teacher.

Jake Mathew, 17, a student from Texas speaks highly of the perks of online tutors.“As a grade-driven student, I’m particular about not missing a chapter. Online Tutors helped me big time when I missed a week of class last semester” he says. “It’s funny when I see my friend’s expressions because I always know more than they do.”

So let’s ask us again. Is missing lectures the end of the world?

The shortest answer is no. But on a long term, yes, there are consequences. Everything depends on the frequency of leaves taken. Always make sure to not take both your professor and lecture for granted.

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