How to Cheat When Struggling to Write an Essay?

Before we start, let’s clear some things out from the very beginning – everyone cheats in college. The truth is that it’s supremely difficult to cope with the workload A to Z completely under your own steam. Try doing so, and we guarantee you won’t any time left to party, study, go on dates, explore career options, and sometimes even to sleep your 6-7 hours.

Since written homework is the number one time-killer for many a student worldwide, more and more academicians seek ideas how to cheat on essays and save those precious hours after classes and spend it on something of actual importance and value. Like community services or working part-time. OK Essay receives a plethora of calls from clients asking, “Please help me cheat doing an essay because deadlines are burning hot and I’m facing a deluge of tasks.” Can you relate to the problem too?

Then let’s show you how to cheat on essays and get away with it seamlessly. Although some methods are risky, forewarned is forearmed, don’t you agree? So, here we go with the number one.

Felix the Copycat

Today everyone has access to the internet, so our pieces of advice will be neatly related to the web. These days, there’re lots of dashboards and websites filled with essays on lots of topics, written by students and uploaded online for other’s reference needs and other purposes. Such papers can be easily downloaded for free, while some of the works might have a topic and gist rather similar to what you’ve been instructed with. When in hurry or when writer’s block presses hard, get such reference paper and re-write it. Note that quality of rewriting increases your chances of passing a paper without being caught. On the opposite side, a sloppy re-write will get you into plagiarising troubles. Plus, sometimes a paper that will suit your needs might simply not exist at all or be too complex to re-write, which means doing a new essay from scratch would’ve been faster.

A friend in need…

…is a friend indeed. If wondering how not to get caught cheating on an essay you’ve recently downloaded and re-wrote to suit your purposes, asking friend’s help might stand a much better option. Do you have a crammer-type friend who does essays like you do a pint? Then ask if the lad can do the assignment for you. Either for the sake of friendship or money, your friend could aid you out. There’re a bunch of subtleties you will want to contemplate on:

  • Your friend might have a heavy workload of his own
  • He can ask you to pay but you know such help isn’t worth the sum required (besides, friends don’t ask friends to pay for favors)
  • Suddenly, you happen to have no friends who are great with essays
  • Friend lets you down
  • You’ll have to return a favor some day soon

As you see, dealing with friends and asking them for such a favor is risky and stands a serious test to your friendship in general. That’s why, unless you’re desperate we recommend you tackle the issue with your own hands.

Last resort

More often than not, students come to our site when it’s almost too late. Many feel hesitant about buying essays online but when things go south, students understand that this solution is the most bulletproof of all. See for yourself:

  • Essay is done from scratch
  • Money’s put to good use, no friends involved
  • Turnaround time is perfect
  • Paper is done A to Z
  • No plagiarism

Is using an essay writing service cheating? Unless you approach the professor and spit it out as straightforwardly as possible, then it’s cheating. Until then, it’s “using any means necessary to achieve top-notch academic progress”.


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