How to Beat Procrastination

How to Beat Procrastination

Let's start with the definition of the procrastination. It is a concept in Psychology that indicats the long permanent delay of unpleasant thoughts and deeds.

A list of such acts and thoughts is different and can be quite impressive. There are 6 useful tips to help you cope with procrastination that does not require any complicated actions. The main idea is not to postpone work.

  1. Make a deal with your unpleasant morning. Of course, not instantly after waking up. And when the time to do chores comes, let the first point in your «To-Do-List» be at least one small thing you are uncomfortable with. For example, call a plumber or call your most annoying client. It's like jumping from the tower immediately, without hesitation. Or you may choose another prerogative: you can step hundred times down to the edge, walk away and calm down and step back again. And so long as you do not face the real obstacles and start moving and jump.
  2. If you find it hard to do any work several times a week, do it every day. As strange as it may sound, but it usually works. For example, you need to write a blog article or set up a program. Of course, you can sit down and write it in a few days. But the necessary material doesn't appear from nowhere. Moreover, to sit down and force yourself to write the article after a few days will be tough (given the fact that you do not like it but you still need it to be done). If you start to work on it every day, little by little and gradually you’ll get involved. Someday it will become a habit, and later you will even like it.
  3. Team up with other people to do "unpleasant business." Studies show that it is much more likely and pleasantly to do daily work stuff with a group than alone.
  4. Make your preparations the essential tool. It means that collecting the required tools gives you the ability to be mentally prepared for the bad things. For example, it may be printing out any email letter or gathering the needed information before talking with the customer. You do not have to do it today; you can postpone it. But it is possible that simply preparing in advance you will be ready to finish your work promptly the same day.
  5. Manage a list. This advice can be found quite often in dealing with non-compliance cases (to put it simply, with laziness). Usually, lists are executed in long-term cases, but they work well when you need to have things done during the day. Just create your to-do-list and stick to it.
  6. Learn how to enjoy the completion of your unpleasant affairs. You force yourself to do something that was delayed for a month – enjoy it! At least, the fact that you are a responsible student brought you the desire to complete unpleasant but useful tasks. Even if you have felt a little bit sick in the process of implementation, it will be helpful practice and experience. You did it. Well done!


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