Homework: Do We Actually Need It?

Is homework a waste of time? Do students actually need it? To practice? They do practice in the classroom. Most students believe that this practice is useless and even archaic. Therefore, we have decided to discuss the reasons why homework is a waste of time.

First reason for homework to be a negative part of students’ curriculum is that it takes the enjoyment out of their college days. It takes too much time to create a good piece for a student. At the same time, teachers have to devote too much time to read and evaluate students’ works. However, it is understood that students need more time for other activities and interests, like sports and family. In addition, most students have interest in particular subjects and want to develop their knowledge about these subjects, however they are forced to deal with others with the same level of dedication.

Most customers that visit our service say, “There is no relationship between good understanding of a subject and working hard on your homework assignments.” And right they are. More homework tasks never translate into better knowledge. What is more, they rarely translate into better marks. Therefore, every time we hear students complain that their homework is a waste of time, we know that they have a point. They already spend their days at college, and when they come back, they want to have a rest from all that stuff. Non-academic activities like hobbies, part-time jobs, or even parties with friends are important, too.

There are lots of reasons why homework is a waste of time. Simply because there are important activities besides education. We all need to take a break from time to time to prevent stress and burn-out. School requires productiveness and much time. Therefore, students become pretty nervous and experience too much stress.

Not only students find homework annoying. There are former professors at our service who now assist students with their tasks. They say that when they used to work at colleges and universities, they wasted a great deal of time to assign homework and to evaluate it. Good teachers feel frustrated because they don’t have enough time and energy to design an individual task for every student, explain it, mark every mistake with comments, and tell everyone what they got wrong. Students are not the only ones who wish homework tasks to disappear from the curriculum.

How is homework a waste of time? The main aim of education is to make your knowledge deeper and to prepare you for the adult life and career. Homework is rather an additional responsibility than a source of practice and knowledge. How many times have you experienced that nightmare? You are a future programmer and want to focus on math, but you have a history research paper, an English essay, and a book review for your literature class. Sometimes, your aims do not meet the aims of the educational system, and there is nothing you can do but ask someone professional for assistance. This is exactly what OkayEssay.co.uk offers! Hire one of our writers and stop thinking why your homework is so useless! You won’t have to think about it at all!


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