Essays Are a Waste of Time – Is It So?

Teachers assign essays to grade students’ performance. However, some critics (and, of course, students themselves) claim that written projects cannot serve as means of grading learners’ performance. Why so?

Some critics say that a written piece of a certain kind doesn’t evaluate student’s knowledge of the subject because it focuses more on writing skills rather than on knowledge itself. Others say that essay writing is a waste of time, especially when it comes to long and informative projects.

We all know that a large and informative work like a research paper should be based on a thoughtful argument and a well-done essay should provide enough evidence to support the main argument. Students are expected to create academic works that look like results of deep insight. At the same time, the amount of required projects is enormous, and the deadlines are usually short. Therefore, one has to show incredible speed, knowledge, and do it all the time without a break.

An essay makes sense only when it is a result of attentive and hard work. This ensures that a student strengthens skills and gets some new knowledge. We all know that the era of the Internet is associated with significant changes in the informational sphere. It is true that a nature of academic research changed with the emerge of search engines and technologies. These technologies can find, sort and even provide some version of reflection about the sources. These are exactly the things teachers ask students to do with their assignments. It doesn’t take too much time and effort to gather lots of academic sources, fit them to your main argument, and therefore produce a paper that looks like a result of hard work. One doesn’t have to sit in the library, reading, taking notes, and deriving conclusions from gathered data. Therefore, it is important for a professor to recognise the difference between a mediocre piece and a real result of honest efforts.

Considering this fact, we can conclude that teachers and professors are in the same position as their students. Digital sphere encourages both students and teachers just to roam the Internet without digging the subject. Students are required to compose papers even if they have nothing to say regarding the topic. Reading the sources slowly and attentively in an old-fashioned way to produce a worthy academic work is not an option in today’s education. To get a mark, one has to be fast and productive, not well-versed.

Due to the fact that modern education is focused on marks rather than on knowledge, students don’t have a choice but to follow the first method. The second one will always bring more results, whether it is an essay or a bigger project, like a coursework.

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