Effective techniques of memorizing words

There are numerous and different methods of remembering words while studying the language. These are our "great techniques" of memorizing words.

techniques of memorizing

Comply suggestions with every word from the list

Just to read and memorize a word is not enough, at least in most cases. But when creating along with the word your own proposals, you will be able to move forward significantly. Try it by yourself, and you will feel the effect.

Let's say you need to remember the word "retirement." And you can make the following suggestions to it:

  • Full retirement age.
  • The new manager stated you need a retirement.
  • You deserved to receive some retirement benefits.

Write words on cards and put it into practice

Vocabulary cards are special cards which are used to store information and to storm your brain. It could be translations, associations, as well as photos or drawings.

For example, you can prepare a set of cards considering one theme group. On one side of the card, write the word or chain of words and the other put a picture or a translation of the word.

Vocabulary cards is an excellent tool for learning a new language. Besides, with them, you can turn the boring lessons into an entertaining and instructive game.

Use "dictation" techniques of remembering the spelling words

Compose a dictation. You can do it by yourself, just follow these steps:

Record words (typically not more than twenty) vertically on the paper. Use two columns: one for the unknown words, the other for explanation or translation.Wrap the sheet in a way that you could see only the translation.And on the clear side of the wrapped paper write words, relevant to the translation. Do not look at the answers, do not cheat! The bottom line is to remember the spelling and meaning.When you're done, compare the words that you have written, those that were on the under the wrapped sheet.

Even if at the first attempt you do not succeed to remember all the words at once, do not despair. Make several attempts, and you will not believe how quick you will amaze the target!

However, keep in mind: it is not necessary to take dictation plenty of times. Like cards, they serve for easy memorization rather than understanding the words. You should therefore to vary these exercises time to time. If you do not train in the usage of these words, you will forget them easily.

Practise words in a conversation with a friend

Good friends should lend a helping hand when it comes to practice. Take a friend, explain to him what you need, and start training in a humorous manner, it doesn't matter! The conversation does not have to be intelligent; you need only to compose and improvise a dialogue with the usage of as many new words as possible. These tips are critical in improving your vocabulary and helping to feel free in rapid and tough situations, especially when it concerns the language barrier!


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