Do You Make These 5 Mistakes That Steal Your Score?

Clichés, typos, poor formatting, incompliance with task specifications, street language, milk-and-water… Students never stop making mistakes in their essays and compositions year after year. When this all is going to stop? While some students buy essay solutions from specialized services online, others continue stepping on one and the same rake again and again. Are you with the first or with the second? Nevertheless, here’s a self-check list in case you’re about to pen a paper in the nearest future. Please, don’t err on the side of doing these ever in your life!

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Mistake 1 – Secondary school introduction

“According to Merriam-Webster dictionary…” This might’ve worked well for you in school but in college a professor won’t even bother reading your piece further. Remember that a proper essay should start with either a clever note, attention-grabbing ‘hook’ or at least a small joke, if relevant to an assignment.

Clichés like the one at the beginning of the paragraph are must-avoid in any case. Use one and confirm you’re unable to come up with anything interesting and engaging. Here are a bunch of extra starting lines which are never welcome to a classy essay:

  • “Everyone knows that…”
  • “According to British scientists…”
  • “As Wikipedia suggests…”
  • “Since long time ago…”
  • “As far as society is concerned…”

Mistake 2 – False assumptions and bold statements

In academic papers, every statement has to be backed up by a relevant source of information or quote. In the UK essay writing making bold suggestions and claims without any credible proof is the road to nowhere. Professors hate it when students provide unchecked information which is far-fetched and has nothing to do with real life.

It’s not fiction you write. It’s an academic paper, and there’re certain rules which suggest every statement made has at least some proof to back it up. Wildest claim will sound reasonable if there’s ironclad evidence to prove it.

Mistake 3 – Repeating same ideas with different words to fit into the word count

There’re times an essay topic is so dull you can’t draw up required 2000 words to live up to task specifications. But while most students will fall into a severe case of self-repetition till the word count is met, you should know better and prepare as much of coherent content as you can.

The only repetition you can use is a stylistic trope allowed once or twice every thousand words for the purpose of conveying a more impressive statement. However, re-writing sentences in other words so that a manuscript boasts an assigned number of words is plain asinine.

Mistake 4 – Inappropriate language

When in college, there’s a certain style you have to use. It’s more formal, informative and uses pretty more sophisticated word combinations and language patterns than the everyday English. Many students, especially freshmen fail to implement academic English in their papers because of lack of awareness and as-of-then little academic word stock.

On your year one, a lecturer might turn a blind eye to such unpleasantry. However, from next year on she won’t cut you any slack and will be forced to lower paper’s score because of any slang, colloquial language, and buzzwords.

Mistake 5 – Poor proofreading

When writing essay’s content, students normally get so tired and exhausted, so no energy for proofreading’s left. But it’s the gravest mistake you might ever make working on any paper!

As a rule, when done writing, you have to get up and have a walk, eat, sleep, forget about the manuscript for a day or two, and only then return to doing some attentive editing. Essay help at special sites might be used for that, or you can always carry out proper blue-penciling if having enough time. No matter which option you choose, full-fledged proofreading has to be done, or a professor will lower your grade and be 100% right about it.

Wrapping up, don’t fall into these essay writing pitfalls, use any help you can get to solidify paper’s quality and have a peerless submission! Hit up the comments speaking up your mind too, if you like.


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