Making Your Common Application Essay Sound Fantastic

Application essay is a relatively short paper which can be done in an evening. However, importance of an application essay is too huge to tackle the assignment half-heartedly. All in all, there’re three most wide-spread cases when you need to submit application essays:

  • College application (admission) essay
  • Application essay to apply for scholarship/sponsorship
  • Application essay (proposal) to write a dissertation

Are you looking to apply for a college? Then writing an application essay is must-do for you. In this assignment, it’s imperative convincing the admission board that you’re qualified and educated enough to contribute to the college life, social and educational of their establishment. In a standard application essay, you should always stick to the truth, reveal your pros in a positive life, fit into the word count, and avoid too informal communication and bragging.

Scholarship essay is another type of application paper which is written when you seek funds for your research or would like a sponsor or any third party to commit to the budget of your project. In this paper, you have to highlight a likely positive impact of your research, its importance, and possible benefits for investors or any other sponsoring party involved. Persuading someone to give you money for research is a very tough and challenging work, so be warned and prepared.

Finally, a dissertation proposal can also be considered a form of application writing. Your task is to engage a professor to help you with the graduation paper, guide you throughout researching and drafting stages, help with proofreading and preparing for viva voce. Given a professor receives dozens of proposals each year, you must make sure your offer is engaging, challenging and ambitious enough for an academic mastermind of your choice.

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