9 Easy Methods to Come Up with Stunning Introductions

You can find a plenty of guides on how to create an effective opening paragraph. Having your audience clicking on the links in your post is your primary challenge and guarantee of success.

Take a look at the proposed graph from Schwartz. An experiment was conducted to analyze where exactly readers stop scrolling in a variety of articles published on the internet. It also shows at which part of the page the user was looking at the chosen moment.

Stunning Introductions

It was found that 10% of those who opened the article didn’t scroll further. Let’s see how to prepare an impressive introduction and turn casual browsers into a dedicated audience.

9 Tips on Creating Brilliant Introductions

1) Try to make sure the first sentence is short.

A short sentence is a clue. Also, a proper sentence should be readable, meaningful, and compelling. It’s important to understand that readers are here to relax instead of trying to figure out what a blogger means. Leave a bite-sized sentence or a couple of them for the excellent introduction.

2) Stand out by recalling shocking facts.

Grab the reader's attention. In fact, add an extraordinary fact or opinion to make your post look more like a conversation. Let your audience expect the unexpected! You may either conduct research on your own to discover some surprising facts or use quick and cheap help with assignment from real professionals.

3) Avoid repeating the title.

Let’s pretend that the visitor has already seen the title. Skip repeating it throughout the text. It’s better to interpret the heading and prepare the stage for the remainder of the post.

4) Develop a short introduction.

It's hard to define the exact length (number of words or symbols) for an engaging intro. According to the Slate research, readers demonstrate short attention spans. These people lack patience to get to the core of the text. The art of composing an attractive introduction is complicated for the beginner. In such case, professional essay writing services UK might help.

5) Don’t ignore the role of word “you”.

Personalization is impossible without inserting “you” at least one time. It shows the reader that the writer is keeping his or her audience in mind. Stress how much you evaluate the opinions of your audience. They want a responsive article. “You” is the best way to connect with your reader and stay on the same wave.

6) Express the main ideas.

Remember preparing a thesis statement for your English class? It was all about ensuring your future success in writing. Explain what exactly you’re going to talk about to let the user know if he or she has a keen interest in this subject.

You may insert a phrase like "In this article, I'll talk about ABC." Here are some useful options:

  • “You’re about to find out why Great Britain decided to leave the EU.”
  • “And, if you’ve ever wondered why Great Britain wanted to leave the EU, here's a list of interesting facts for you.”
  • “This article explains the three basic reasons why Great Britain has left the EU.”

7) Prove the importance of your post.

You know that your content is significant, but it is also crucial to let your potential readers realize it. Why in the world have you chosen this topic? By explaining the role of your article, you may encourage even those visitors who are not really interested in the topic.

8) Refer to the issue your audience might have.

Do your best to pull a main point into the introduction. Everybody has certain problems to worry about. Through designing your buying personas, you have probably identified some of the most commonly met problems among your target audience. Show your awareness and readiness to help when you introduce your article.

9) Watch out when telling stories!

An engaging story in the introduction is a top advice. Mind that not all stories work for the beginning paragraphs. In case of using the story as your intro, try not to disclose the conclusion until the reader gets deeper. You may order custom essays from advanced writers online if you want a perfect story for your introduction or the full article.

If you wish to come up with a catchy article or blog post, do your best to make the potential visitor want to read it. Stick to this formula: unique, fresh, and engaging. These are the components of a winning intro.

There is no doubt that composing an introduction is a complicated task. Share your tricks for preparing a great content for the first paragraph?


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