5 Essay Writing Hacks Your Instructor Would Love You To Use

How a college instructor is different from a school teacher regarding essay writing? The difference is striking. When a teacher gives you an A for a topic-relevant, well-proofread essay which is done in time, an instructor is a more depending, while sometimes fastidious examiner. He/she usually scrutinizes every aspect of a manuscript ranging from full compliance with task specifications to 100% correct referencing and language style.

To live up to all college instructors’ demands, following these 5 hints is totally essential. Building good relations with a professor is a key to getting good grades in a subject at the end of the year. So, start playing your game correctly starting from today.

Essay Writing Hacks Your Instructor Would Love You To Use

Hack 1 – Your thesis statement exhales power

Wishy-washy thesis statements in a form of a rhetorical question, or some far-fetched citation re-written by you to stand as an actual idea of your own could’ve stricken the deal in school. We’ve all been there copy-pasting from Wikipedia. We all have done that – taking things from the internet and embedding stuff with some basic re-write.

In college, this won’t do you any good. Apart the thing an okay essay has to be 100% authentic, every paper’s aspect has to be perfect, including a thesis statement. To do things right, you have to understand a topic fully and then think of an engaging focal sentence of your essay which clearly shows you actually gave a donkey about the whole assignment.

Hack 2 – Take into account previous instructor’s remarks regarding your papers

College lecturers and professors are perhaps the most possessive and demanding people when it comes to academic life. They know better, or at least they think they know better. However, since they are in charge, you have to do what’s been instructed.

For example, if your previous essay came back with a ‘B’ because of some major grammar flaws or content inconsistencies, make sure to never fall into making the same mistake again.

If a lecturer tells you to provide more quotes to back up your thesis statement or provide more tangible evidence to back up your case study, for instance, you should do exactly as told.

Hack 3 – Use proper English academic language

Like we love hearing our native tongue wielded in a properly fashion, instructors like hearing various scientific terms, word combinations, and phrases embedded in a jolly academic cover. For them it tastes sweet, you firing out phrases used nowhere but within those college walls.

Sophomore students might count on getting some slack cut, but from year two instructors want them to speak ‘college’ even among themselves. To know how to do it right, get assignment help from the web and get insight into how to apply academic word stock in praxis. And yes, use as much Latin as possible! Dictum factum. Manus manum…


When a wild dog sees you nervous, it attacks. When an instructor sees you can’t meet the timelines asking her to give you 3 days of extra time, she sees it as weakness. What she does after that is lower your grade for a task despite how brilliant it could probably be.

So, instead partying late into the night or going out with a date – do your written duties first. Done? Now you have instructor’s permission to complete the next assignment. Professors don’t party.

Hack 5 – Always deliver what your instructor wants

This hack will ask you to think outside the box. Deliver what your instructor wants. How’s that? It's as simple as getting a custom essay when can’t deal with a topic in time. The quality paper site as OkEssay.ko.uk will also help you put a finger on proofreading, master coursework writing and boost the content quality of any grey literature manuscripts you hand in. Saving time after classes goes as a pleasant bonus.

Just think about it. Right now you have enough energy and commitment to season the workload. But in a week or two things might change in a jiffy, where this option will be a superb backup plan.

Bookmark the site, start submitting consistent compositions, never tell anyone. As usual, comments and feedback are much welcome!     


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